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Karthikeyan Subramaniam about me
About Me

Hi! I’m Karthikeyan Subramaniam.

I am a senior technology executive with 22+ years of experience in designing, leading, and delivering world-class software solutions in BigData, AI, ML, e-Commerce, CMS, CRM, and SharePoint solutions. Whether challenged to ramp a new team or accelerate the productivity of the existing teams, I have consistently delivered strong results. Customers consistently provide positive comments on my extensive knowledge of technical, problem-solving, and enterprise architect skills. I have a proven track record of ideating and implementing multiple products.

My Specialties

Software Development & Delivery, Product Ideation, Innovation & Strategy, Enterprising & Solution Consulting, Bootstrapping a product team, Data Science Solutions using AI, ML & Big Data, and Digital Transformation.

Licenses & certifications

I believe the certifications and licenses that I have received are one of the greatest achievements that showcase the milestones I’ve gone through.

CEO at Thomsun Infocare

Thomsun InfoCare (TIC), is a strong accelerating force in improving the operational excellence of several companies around the globe. Our core values lie in discovering the best possibilities of technology and implementing them in the most effective ways possible. TIC family embraces the waves of change and development and therefore we could proudly say that we are driving TOWARDS INNOVATIVE CULTURE. 

At TIC, we help customers by providing solutions for their digital transformation requirements including Product Engineering, Sitefinity, Sitecore, Sharepoint, IT and Cyber Security, Mobile Application Development, Cloud Management, and, ERP product development for UAE and US markets. 

As the CEO of the TIC, I am responsible for brewing out the best of strategies, business plans, business development, product development, management of the technology, technology vision, human resource management, and ensuring vertical growth of our institution.

Karthikeyan Subramaniam 2
Karthikeyan Subramaniam 3

Aspirations that I cherish

Apart from being hooked to work and running from meetings to meetings, I love mentoring start-ups, actively participating in organizations like Nasscom, and TiE, playing chess or watching a game of Basketball. But my true passions are travel and automobiles. Mentor and Technology advisor for startups including SOCXO and Amrita Technology Business Incubator. Apart from that, I wish to take TIC to greater levels that will also ensure the best not only for my customers but also for my employees.

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Gian Kolbjørnsen Chief Technology Officer at Wenn ASChief Technology

I've worked very closely with Karthick on a very challenging development project over the last year. He has been very consistent with his communication throughout the entire process, despite being on the other side of the world - he has been great to work with as our project leader.

Santhosh Subramonian
Santhosh Subramonian Finance Professional

Karthik, CTO of Suyati Technologies has been integral part in developing the organisation to its current phase. With his experience in IT industry and man management skills he has guided young teams to complete many challenging projects. Karthik is also an great individual to work with,

Dr.Raj Subramanian
Dr.Raj Subramanian Pathomics Researcher

Karthik was fantastic to work with. Well Organized, result driven and detailed. Hardworking and well educated co-worker - his wonderful work flow, skills, creativity and understanding of dependencies made the project a dream. Karthik is an asset to the team. He is ready to deal

Ramanan Ramamurthy
Ramanan Ramamurthy Enterprise IoT

With years of knowledge in IT, project management and business Karthick keeps structure and the overview without losing the focus of deliverables. I know Karthick since last 4 years, he has demonstrated thought leadership, solid technical expertise, and business development skills

Casey Wiscons
Casey Wiscons Managing Director

I've worked very closely with Karthick on a very challenging development project over the last year. He has been very consistent with his communication throughout the entire process, despite being on the other side of the world - he has been great to work with as our project leader.

Joydeep Mukherjee
Joydeep Mukherjee Vice President

Karthik is a great technical resource, very dedicated and hardworking. He is greatly customer focussed and a wonderful team player. Would love to work with him again and would be a great asset for any organization

Aby John
Aby John Senior Architect

Karthick always made sure that he was helping us to work together or rather to build up the team spirit. He was keen on achieving the best results with his systematic approach and ultimately helped in creating not only a good working environment but was also one of the....

Mahesh Appu
Mahesh Appu Senior .Net Developer

Karthikeyan is a rare blend of technical expertise and team management. I always loved to work under his guidance, as he possess all the qualities of a team leader. He has a great sense of ownership and his approaches are always systematic. A wonderful co-worker and friend !


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