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Most businesses these days are not functioning exclusively in offline spaces. In order to guarantee more sales and regulate profit inflow, businesses have started to establish themselves in online spaces as well. This is usually carried out by developing and establishing an eCommerce store for their business. There are several options and platforms that allow businesses to start their eCommerce store. Magento is one such popular platform for eCommerce. 


Owned by none other than Adobe, Magento has emerged to be one of the most popular and preferred platforms for eCommerce. What makes it go to go for businesses is that Magento offers many unique features that make them stand out from other eCommerce platforms. These features allow entrepreneurs to build healthy connections with their online buyers allowing them to sell their products easily and efficiently. 


What is Magento?


Initially launched on 31st March 2008 built on open-source technology, Magento is an eCommerce platform that comes with an inbuilt PHP. It allows merchants across the globe to make the best use of their shopping cart system with great ease and flexibility. They get to control everything from its functionalities, to the overall look and content in their e-commerce store with great convenience. Apart from that, Magento also has inbuilt SEO optimization that allows great marketing and comes with top-class catalog-management tools as well.


Some basic features of Magento


  • Effective filtration by analyzing and studying the behavior of users makes it convenient to choose products within categories

  • Offers great product management  and order management options

  • Provides details of the client account including their shopping cart, order history, transaction history, the catalog they prefer, shipment address, etc.

  • With enhanced features like contact forms, mailing services, follow-ups, etc one can get to ensure better customer service.

  • Allows effective management of inventory and you can get to know about exports, imports, the status of stocks left, etc.

  • Allows integration of several payment gateway methods

  • Search support enables on Google Sitemap making it fast and customer friendly

  • Allows multi-lingual support

  • Enables to get multiple analytical reports and can also integrate your store with Google Analytics.


Why choose Magento for eCommerce?


What makes Magento even more preferable and approachable is the way it allows even non-developers to work with it. Yes, one need not necessarily be a trained professional or developer or a techie to get acquainted with the way Magento works. Even ordinary people can get to work on Magento.


Apart from all these Magento is super convenient right from the installation stage. One can also add plug-ins and additional layouts very conveniently on Magento. It also offers eCommerce solutions that are scalable. The open-source technology aspect of Magento also makes it very flexible to use and execute functions. You can also work with adding discounts and coupon codes at the time of checkout and Magento also allows the integration of more than 50 payment gateways. 

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